We use cutting-edge methodologies to help our customers align for success. The outcomes include setting goals and priorities, determining actions to achieve the goals, and mobilizing resources to execute the actions. Below you will find descriptions of the various strategic solutions we offer.

Our strategic planning services are delivered with a collaborative spirit. REdCon takes a proactive approach to engage and align with client needs while guiding the organization on a journey to define their organizational goals and a plan to achieve them.

  • Strategic Plan Development

We offer Diversity and Inclusion action plans that assist our clients in building inclusive work and living environments. These services range from individual and organizational assessments, multi-aspect trainings, D&I programs, and the creation of D&I action plans. We provide our clients with a clear “road map” and the necessary training and technical support to execute these plans.

  • Stakeholder Engagement Strategy
  • DEI Communications Strategy

Our HR Action Plans assist clients in defining and developing their desired corporate culture, setting up a people strategy that supports key pillars in the business, and designing strategies in diversity, recruitment, and talent management. Our services encompass activities and processes to ensure professionals can perform optimally to achieve organizational objectives.

  • Minority Recruitment Plan
  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Nothing is more important to a company’s success than building an engaging and inspiring culture across all dimensions. Using qualitative and quantitative measures, we fully assess company culture and identify employee strength areas. Based on those findings, we develop appropriate programming to help the organization establish a positive organizational culture and climate.

  • Equity Audit
  • Human Resources Audit
  • Culture Assessment

We facilitate conversations and the collection of qualitative and quantitative data to enable insightful and informative audits, assessments, and input for strategic planning. Our team of facilitators successfully leverages the art and science of communication along with the ability to relate to individuals from all walks of life to deliver with excellence for our clients.

  • Focus Group Moderation
  • Forum Moderation
  • Retreat Facilitation
  • Survey Development & Deployment