Rice Education Consulting (REdCon) is an organizational development firm.


We provide transformational learning resources to organizations and communities that facilitate the development of their most important assets – THEIR PEOPLE & THEIR CULTURE.


Our planning and coaching services provide clear directions so that organizations and communities are aligned and can optimize their capabilities.

Driving Efficiency

Our online training services have allowed customers to capture knowledge and become more efficient.

Boosting Productivity

Our DEI services and learning solutions have been linked to increased employee/organization production.




Strategic Planning


Training & Development



  • Lynn Bilal
    His knowledge of working with diverse populations and expertise in action planning was a huge advantage to our entire committee. The Rice Education Consulting team prepared a detailed package that I am confident will educate, focus and encourage our Consortium members as we strive to address racial inequalities and cultivate inclusivity.
    Lynn Bilal
    Prevention Coordinator, Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence
  • David Choate
    At the onset of the Global Pandemic, the timing was impeccable. Using a personal and reassuring approach, the team at Rice Education Consulting asked questions that allowed our leaders to stay focused on our organizational goals and creatively brainstorm how those goals would remain achievable. Now, nearly 7 months later, the strategic plan has remained a solid guide for us as we continue to navigate through these uncertain times. We remain confident in our ability to accomplish our mission and meet our goals and we owe that in large to Rice Education Consulting.
    David Choate
    Artisitic Director, Revolution Dance Theater
  • Chief Jim Hutchins
    On the day of the training, the facilitators presented the topics in a non-threatening manner and engaged the group with exercises that caused the participants to self-reflect and sparked meaningful conversations. It was obvious that the facilitators understood the challenges that the law enforcement face. The exercises helped participants to develop some empathy for others and the challenges that they face.
    Chief Jim Hutchins
    Wittenburg University Police
  • Mary O’Doherty
    Rice Education Consulting is a team of highly professional facilitators with a passion for sharing their incredible expertise and creating buy-in to transform lives. They authentically relate to each person while doing the difficult work of challenging strongly held, personal beliefs. Recently, Rico Rice, a skilled listener and master facilitator, discussed with our Board of Directors how to make the Board more inclusive and inviting as we work to recruit new members of color.
    Mary O’Doherty
    Executive Director, Ohio Domestic Violence Network
  • Fernando Crosa
    I have worked two successful projects with the professionals at Red Con and I got exactly what I was looking for. Rico and his management team set up kickoff meetings to thoroughly understand my company and what I needed. They met my deadlines and gave me a finished product that I can use to make a difference for my company. And they stayed within my budget. I highly recommend this company to any business owner or manager that is looking for a creative way to train, sell or inform clients and employees. They are very good at what they do.
    Fernando Crosa
  • Gary Foust
    Mr. Rice created a three stage proposal that prepared our staff for diversity and inclusion moving for success in the 21st century. I would highly recommend Rice Education Consulting to any public or private business to be challenged, identify shortfalls and how to move pass these obstacles in a positive and motivational way.
    Gary Foust
    Chief of Police, City of North College Hill Police Department
  • Kori Stephens, MPH  (She/Her/Hers)
    Our experience with Rice Education Consulting has been fantastic with every project. They communicated progress,needs and barriers in real time to all stakeholders engaged to ensure the work continued to move forward and met all expectations regarding quality. Rice Education Consulting is unique in their ability to cover a wide array of content, methods and implementation strategies.
    Kori Stephens, MPH (She/Her/Hers)
    Project Director, Midwest Regional CAC
  • Barbara Mullen, Ph. D
    As a district partner, we highly recommend REDCON services particularly in the areas of professional learning design, digital professional learning and diversity, equity and inclusion support. Over the past year, we’ve worked with CEO and principal contractor, Rico Rice to design our professional learning modules around diversity, equity and belonging. Mr. Rice was supportive, and responsive to our needs as a district. I highly recommend partnering with REDCON and will consider partnering with them for future needs.
    Barbara Mullen, Ph. D
    Chief of Equity, Culture and Student Support, Providence Public Schools
  • Jill Davis
    They have a talent for teaching people to channel their passions into strategic practices designed to increase agency capacity, success, and to better serve the community. They are not only experts in their field, they also authentically relate to each individual on their level. Rice Education Consulting brings incredible knowledge, and as importnt, great emotional intelligence to their work.
    Jill Davis
    Ohio Health