Team REdCon is a curated collection of talented, well-versed, and highly-educated individuals in various fields of expertise. Our team is dynamic due to the desire to deliver excellence and a culture of collaboration, enabling us to work cross-functionally and collaboratively with our clients.

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Rico Rice, MEd

President & Training Facilitator


Rico is responsible for the day-to-day operations including, sales, marketing, and finances. He is also an expert facilitator in the areas of DEI, curriculum development, and youth engagement.


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Lesli Rice, MBA

Lead Strategist


Lesli is responsible for the end-to-end strategic solutions and owning the development of the overall company strategy. She leads strategic planning projects and training initiatives in the areas of business and ethnic marketing.


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India Harris Jones, MPH

Lead Facilitator


India is an expert facilitator in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion. In addition to this, she leads our evaluation services and manages our college intern program.


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Erica Simmons, MBA

Sr. Human Resource Consultant


Erica ensures REdCon is compliant with all HR-related issues internally and leads the recruitment and onboarding of new talent. Additionally, she leads all client projects in the area of Human Resources.


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Maureen Cooks



Maureen works with the lead strategist to develop key strategic initiatives across various disciplines. Additionally, she is tasked with developing and facilitating training in the areas of DEI and Human Resources.


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Brenda Stevens



Brenda provides expertise for DEI initiatives. She also leads our organizational sensing department by facilitating focus groups and conversations with clients and their representatives to uncover strengths and growth opportunities.


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Randy Lytes MS, MBA



Randy assists on strategic DEI and HR-related engagements. He has experience in DEI auditing, recruitment, selection, training, presentation, workforce analytics, and human resources.


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Andrew Murray, MSIT

Sr. Instructional Designer


Andrew leads the Interactive Learning Department. In this role, he coaches our team of designers and develops interactive virtual learning experiences for clients.


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Mark Heid, MSIT

Sr.  Content Developer

Mark develops and designs interactive virtual learning experiences for clients.


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Halie Figueroa, MSIT

Instructional Designer


Halie develops and designs interactive virtual learning experiences for clients.


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Tamala Hodge

Copywriter & Quality Control Supervisor


Tamala works with the learning team to ensure quality control for all products pre-launch.


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Sharen King

Business Development


Sharen plays an important part in the growth of REdCon. In her role, she finds new opportunities for REdCon by researching opportunities and establishing relationships with potential clients.


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541611 – Strategic Planning Consulting Services


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